Exchange Student Experience

I. School Profile

My receiving school is BUNGA BANGSA ISLAMIC SCHOOL. It is the school where i conducted my practice teaching.

Bunga Bangsa Samarinda Islamic Middle School is under the auspices of the Bunga Bangsa Foundation. The worsening condition of the social environment marked increasingly rampant drug abuse prompted the Bunga Bangsa Foundation to establish a junior high school unit in 2009 as a further education for the alumni of Bunga Bangsa Islamic Elementary School. Located on an area of 15 ha, Bunga Bangsa Islamic Middle School carries the concept of green school. With a strategic position on JI. IN. Pandjaitan no 51, Bunga Bangsa Islamic School has easy to reach. The existence of Bunga Bangsa Islamic School is expected to play a role in educating future leaders.



” Educate students to be healthy and strong superior generation, have high faith, piety, a work ethic that is excellent, intelligent, skilled, international-minded and love the motherland.”


  • Organizing education in faith and piety based on Islamic religion.
  • Organizing quality education with a quality management approach.

Bunga Bangsa Islamic Middle School uses the concept of Full-day school with the basic concepts of “Integrated- activity” and ” Integrated-Curriculum”. This means that all children’s programs and activities in school; ranging from learning, playing, eating, and worship packed in education system.

A. The purpose and target of SMP Islam Bunga Bangsa Education:

  1. able to be a congregation of prayer in congregation
  2. have good morality towards parents, teachers and friends
  3. tartil reads the Qur’an and memorizes 1 additional juz
  4. memorize and understand the 15 chosen hadiths
  5. spirited leadership
  6. able to produce 1 selling product
  7. discipline and responsibility
  8. completed KKM and got an average national exams score of 7.00
  9. able to make scientific writing
  10. able to speak English and or Arabic
  11. have a good social behavior
  12. healthy and fit
  13. skilled using information technology

B. Outlines of Education Programs at Bunga Bangsa Islamic School are as follows:


This program is intended to equalize the vision, attitudes and basic abilities of students so that they can participate in educational programs- teaching in junior high school effectively and efficiently. The matriculation program will deliver to:

  • the formation of a school climate with an Islamic nuance
  • students who have high learning independence
  • students who have learning skills
  • students who have relatively the same academic abilities
  • students can understand math and science terms in English.

2. Curricular

This program is directed to meet the three standards set:

National Standards

Produce graduates with academic or non-academic achievements so that they can be accepted in favorite secondary schools in Samarinda and National.

Bunga Bangsa Foundation Standards

Produce graduates who are loyal and devoted to Allah SWT

International Standards

Produce graduates who have a certificate of eligibility to continue in international schools.

3. Self Development Activities

Mandatory Extracurricular Activities

This compulsory extracurricular is intended to make every student have competitiveness in his future which includes:

  • scout
  • journalism
  • scientific paper

Optional Extracurricular

Extracurricular is an option intended to give students the freedom to choose activities that are appropriate to their talents and interests as a place of creativity which includes:

  • soccer
  • basketball
  • putra swimming
  • robotic
  • photography
  • music
  • table tennis
  • rebana putri
  • archery
  • red cross team


The club is a forum for developing talented students to achieve achievement. Therefore the participants are selected by the teacher in accordance with the talent or value needed. Clubs in Bunga Bangsa Islamic Middle School include:

  • mathematics
  • physics
  • biology
  • social
  • English
  • literature
  • Rebana Putra
  • Da’i
  • Futsal
  • Pusas

Life Skills

What is meant by life skills here is self -development activities as additional provisions to be able to compete in the era of globalization. Life skill activities include:

  • leadership training
  • entrepreneurship
  • achievement motivation training
  • Intra-school Student Organization (OSIS)

C. Value of Excellence

The implementation of the concepts of the “integrated activity ” and ” integrated curriculum” and the support of adequate supporting facilities and infrastructure will create an optimal educational process. The excellence value owned by Bunga Bangsa Islamic School is as follows:

  • students get a proportional Islamic education for life
  • students get personality education so they become Superior and steady individuals
  • students can channel and develop their talents and potential in themselves.
  • students get sufficient learning counseling through the guidance and counseling unit so that the development of learning and the personality of students is always monitored by the school
  • students get guidance and assistance in practical worship (prayer, eating, daily prayers, etc.)
  • Student health is maintained and guaranteed because routine health checks are carried out by professionals
  • students can learn comfortably because they are in a green environment and away from noise.

II. Pedagogical Contents

A. Learning Materials/ Sources of learning and technology

As what I have seen during my practice teaching,the learning materials they use is the students book and CD’s. They use projector, laptop, speaker, and power point presentations in delivering the lessons.

There is also a free internet access in the school but it is not allowed to open social media apps like Instagram, Facebook and twitter.

In the picture you can see that the technology being used is the projector and laptop.

III. Observation on Teachers

A. Preparing lessons and materials

The teacher prepares the lesson ahead of time schedule of the class. Each teacher bring their materials before they enter the room. They don’t make lesson plan everyday because before the opening of the school year they already made a lesson plan for the whole year activities. They just need to follow the lesson assigned for each day according to the lesson plan they had made.

B. Teaching in Class

As what i observed, the teachers in Bunga Bangsa always starts the class with a short prayer and greetings.

They really get the attention of the students when they are discussing the lesson. They have the command to control students behavior in a very ethical way. I was amazed by the way they handle students in the class.

The objectives of the lesson for the class is being attained through the different activities given by the teachers. It is very easy to deliver the lesson because their students are very interactive, cooperative and interested in their lesson. By the teaching method they use in the class they get the students respect and attention.

I remember what miss Febby said ” in order for you to get the respect and attention of the students in teaching is that you need first to understand them. You can only input learning in their minds if you are close to their heart. So what i can advise to you is don’t just teach by the lesson from the book but teach students from the heart and with sincerity.” those words said by Miss Febby enlightened my mind on how to deal with the students.


This a group photo of Class 8 Fatimah with me , cath and Miss Febby.


This a picture of me, cath and Miss Febby.

Miss Febby is our mentor and also my cooperating teacher.

IV. Teaching Practice

Lesson plan

Since the school where i conducted my practice teaching doesn’t have an everyday lesson plan so I decided to use the lesson plan format which I use in the Philippines.

The pictures shows one example of my lesson plan for class 8 Fatimah.

My Class Schedule

This is my class schedule

Observation Week

The first class that i have my observation is the class of Miss Mira which is the year 7.

This time Miss Mira introduce me to her students. Miss Mira’s lesson is all about the places in other countries. So she asked me to share to the students the beautiful places in my country. Since, I have some pictures of different places of my country in my mobile phone ,  I let the students see it . Then the students reaction was like ” Wow” some says “Miss X, is that really in your place?” I just smiled and said yes. Based on their faces that you can see in the picture they are really interested in listening in the class discussion.

This is the art class of year 8.

This was one of my favorite subject which i observed because I was really amazed. The students are the ones who made their clay, and form it to their desired figures. They just mix ingredients to make a clay but here in my hometown students only buy clay and form it to their desired.

This subjects enable students creativity.

Teaching and Assisting Week



This is my first teaching lesson and my students were the class 8 Fatimah.

Before i start my lesson i introduce myself to my students and greeted them ” Good Afternoon , my dear students.” My lesson is all about “how to write an email”

I started my lesson with a short game. At first, I was really so shy because i don’t know what i feel, but seeing my students reactions while i am delivering  my lesson gives me a lot of courage to share learnings to them.



During my vacant time, i do my visual aids, presentation and prepare for my lesson in the room or in the teachers room.

The pictures above were taken during the 73rd Indonesia’s Independence Day.

In celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day, the Bunga Bangsa Islamic Junior High School held  a sports competition by different year levels.

The school principal told us that they need our help by means of the documentation and the report. So we assisted them all through out the whole day event. I was assigned to take pictures of the different contest and make a report about it, also Miss Febby asked my help to record all the winners in the sports competition.

In this school activity , I learned that learning does not only take place in the four corners of the classroom but also engaging our selves to outdoor activities.

This activity is not just only for  the students, even Teachers had fun in this activity. I also joined in some competitions and won in the game ” sack race between teachers”

I also experienced playing football but with a twist because it was my first time to play football wearing Hijab, Pants, Coat, and barefoot.

This is my feet after the game football.



The picture above shows the slaughtering of the cow.

In this activity of the school is in celebration of Eidul Adha. Miss Febby ,my cooperating teacher asked me if i can help in packing and distributing the meat for the poor community.

The scouting class.

During my vacant time, Miss Fifi asked if i can assist her in her scouting class because that time she is not feeling well. Miss Fifi told me that the scouting class is done at the ball room, i hurriedly went up stairs to go to the ball room. When i was about to enter the room I was so shocked because there are so many students.

The scouting class is composed by all students in year 7 and year 8. Handling students that is so many is a great challenge for me, but i take the challenge as a great achievement.

I started the class discussion by introducing my name because not all of them knows me. After that I discussed some terms which is related to the scouting. I get the topic in the book in which Miss Fifi give to me. Then, Miss Fifi said if I can share the scouting activities in my country. So talked to them about the scouting in the Philippines, since I am also a Scout in my elementary days, I was able to share my experiences about it.

I ended the class discussion with a game ” the boat is sinking”. This Game will determine the students unity, cooperation and participation.

While doing the game, I was really happy seeing my students enjoying the activity.

This students are my year 8. They are Miss Fifi’s class.

My lesson in this time is all about “subjects and clubs”

I let them list down all the subjects and clubs they have in their school. And I also list down the subjects and clubs in offered in the Philippines. Then i let them compare what was the difference  and similarities of subjects and clubs offered in their school and in the Philippines.

One student said that ” Miss there are many similarities of subjects and clubs in Indonesia and Philippines” . I replied “Yes , we have common subjects that is offered here and also there in my country”.




All in all the total hours i spent in teaching and assisting week is about 21 hours and 10 minutes.


August 27,2018- My final evaluation teaching.

My lesson for this day is all about the “learning languages”

As usual i started my lesson with a greeting and a prayer. I discussed about the the learning languages , i used laptop, projector, and speaker for may instructional materials. I prepared my visuals aids through power point presentations.

I included videos related to my topic. During the time of my discussion the speaker is not working so well, but i still manage to deliver my lesson and finished it within the given time.

Even if i encounter some technical problems, I was so happy that time because of my students who supports and participated well during my discussion.

V. Summary and Suggestions

Purposes of Practicum

  • To improve quality of education in Southeast Asia
  • To enable the students to develop their teaching skills and pedagogy.
  • To encourage the students to practice their English skills.
  • To allow the students to gain a broader regional and world view.

Outcomes of the Practicum

This picture would sum up the outcomes of my practicum.


But in myself , In all the experiences i gained and the lessons i learned has boost my confidence to pursue my profession as a future teacher. This practicum enables me to showcase and enhance my skills.

This practicum let me to adopt and gain new culture.

Suggestions for improvement

Since i encountered technical problems in my final evaluation , Miss Febby said that next time i should check and test first my instructional materials  if is working or not.

And that suggestion from Miss Febby will remain, i will not forget about it and i will follow what she said  because it is for my improvement in teaching.

VI. Reflection

The Farewell ceremony

This was the saddest part of our Exchange Student Experience. Saying goodbye to the persons who has imparted you with life-learned lessons, gave you the most encouraging words is so hard.

At this time, We didn’t expect that they would have a farewell ceremony and prepare food for us.

The farewell ceremony is giving of speeches . We had the chance to thank all of the students, and teachers in the school.

When Mr. Bahtiar , the principal of BBIJS said that ” having you here in our school is our expensive experience” he added ” I said that this is our expensive experience because not all of the school will have this opportunity to have a teachers like you . Thank you for coming here in Bunga Bangsa.”

After Mr. Bahtiar gives his speech, one of my student deliver her speech. I was moved and emotional when she delivered her speech because i also didn’t expect that they are very thankful for what i have teach them. I am so happy that they really appreciate my effort in teaching them.

Cross-Cultural Understanding

It is our last day, our coordinator fetched us in the dorm and we went to U Space to have our Cross Cultural Understanding.

What is this cross cultural understanding?

In this activity we have the sharing of ideas, culture and we had the chance to asked questions with one another. We are together with the UWGM students in English Department.

We had so many questions to ask with each other but we don’t have enough time. In this cross cultural understanding we were able to tell them the culture of the Philippines.

We ended this activity with a game “ABC”

My dress that I wear in the Cross Cultural Understanding is one of my Hometown’s Cultural dress.


Additional Experiences

My transformation

Taddaaah!! So the picture in the left is me when i am here in the Philippines , the picture in the right is also me when i am in Bunga Bangsa Islamic School.

I know you are wondering why I am wearing Hijab and covering my body even I am not a Muslim.

I wear and adopt the dress code of the school , it is because the school is Islamic school and we need to obey the schools regulations.

My journey to Indonesia

Iloilo- Manila

My mother , my coordinator, cath and cath’s father accompanied us to the Iloilo airport.


Jakarta- Balikpapan

After the long hours of traveling , at last touch down Samarinda.

Our coordinator and our student buddy fetch us there in Balikpapan airport. And after that we passed by the KFC to have our lunch.


“The beautiful places in Samarinda that captures my heart”

Lampion Garden

My favorite place in Samarinda because of the figures, lights and scenery.

Dermaga, Kutai Lama

This is Siti’s hometown. Siti is our student buddy from UWGM. She invited us to come to their hometown. This was during the holiday Eidul Adha.

In this place we also went to the Graveyard of the King of Kutai.


A peaceful, calm and refreshing place.

Lempake is our coordinators’ hometown.

Islamic Center

Samarinda’s Biggest Islamic Center.

Citra Niaga

The place where we buy the souvenirs.

Thanks to Siti, who never left us all through our journey and stay in Indonesia.

Meeting new people, friends and a family

Our dorm-mates, students from UWGM, my students and teachers in Bunga Bangsa Islamic School.

Thanks to all these amazing people who was there from the beginning of our Exchange Student experience until the End.

I just realized that I didn’t only gain academic learnings but also I have found a new family in a foreign country. They accepted us as one them and treated us like their own family.

IMG-20180819-WA0001A special thanks to this lovely, awesome couple who was the owner of the school, the dorm and the foundation which accommodated us very nicely. They treated us as one of their daughters.

It is also overwhelming to hear from Mr. Rusli Masroen said “We are lucky to have you here”.


The Foods in Samarinda

Come to Samarinda and you will be filled with this healthy foods.

Alpukat Juice and Pisang were my favorite foods i ever ate in Samarinda that i even dreamed about it.

My message to the readers

Thank you for spending your time reading my stories about my Exchange student experience.

I can only say that this project of SEAMEO gives us the opportunity to enhance our English speaking skills, adopt other culture and gain new learnings.

So I encourage you if your school has this program , Grab it! Don’t let your opportunity slips in your hands. Yes , this is costly. It takes a lot of money. But the experience, the learnings and the memories you will gain is  more expensive than the money you spend.

Thank You/ Terimah Kasih/ Maraming Salamat po!